for some time now,I have grown used to being dead…

i wanna tattoo ‘my life without me’ on myself

but all of my aussie friends thought that doesnt make any sense..

you guys kidding me?

that means for some time now,i have grown used to being dead!!!

how simple is that?


as u know, i was unable to let sth go and remain on the horizon.

but when the apperently idyllic relationships are over, their love has died,not mine.

the huge mistake i made was as time passes and our paths continue to cross,

the past festers and torments them,like an infection.

how about just move on,carefree,with a new zest for life.

just like right now,go to gym,cooking for myself everyday , doing everything alone.

im really hungry to make up for lost time and keen to forget the past.

why should i always let chaos get into my life?


dont try to judge my eng~i dont care the shit~


7 Responses to for some time now,I have grown used to being dead…

  1. michelle说道:


  2. 说道:


  3. Cin说道:

    life’s tough. do whatever u wanna do before u go real nut.

  4. kan说道:


  5. Vivid说道:


  6. Lulululucy说道:

    how tragic uncle….bless you

  7. 向阳兔说道:

    好久不见啊你狠着心过的日子好么miss u ~


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